We like to showcase our hand dyed yarns in all their glory and I know it can so useful to see them knitted up! here, you can find pictures of our indie yarns knitted up. to be featured either email me on or message me on instagram @purrmaidyarns


A hand knitted BFL DK sock with cables made from 100% British Yarn, hand dyed by purrmaid yarns

BFL dk fireside

A pair of pink and blue hand knitted socks. Yarn is hand dyed yarn by indie dyer Purrmaid Yarns

persephone x hades sock set

A pink and purple hand knitted sock. The hand dyed yarn is dyed by Indie Dyer Purrmaid Yarns

Purrmaid's tail 

A hand knitted burgundy sock. The hand dyed yarn is "reverie" from Indie Dyer Purrmaid Yarns

BFL dk reverie